MANZI cakes and cuisine is run by Natasha Ruocco: 

“My love of cooking began at an early age with a family firmly rooted in food; my Grandfather, Nonno, was a first generation Italian immigrant who wanted to bring delicious Italian cuisine into the heart of London starting his own restaurant Pipino’s on Great Portland Street. On Sundays he’d use his culinary skills to gather our family at his home for lunch, gifting us with the most delicious memories of sharing good conversation over good food.

I grew up fascinated by kitchens and wanted to be a part of the preparation that facilitated these irreplaceable moments surrounded by family. I spent hours set up on kitchen stools working the pasta machine and holidays were filled with my first forays into sweets and desserts. As I got older I wanted to provide those memories for other people and decided to turn my passion into a profession. I enrolled at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu culinary school and began my formal chef training. I specialised in patisserie: cakes, tortes and desserts which allowed me to create beautiful food designed to be the ultimate edible celebration. 

I went on to work in French pastry shops and a famed Cambridge bakery with a heritage spanning over 100 years. As any creative might, I wanted to build my own vision of how food can be and taste which lead to me starting Creed Cakes and Cuisine; a service that provides delicious food designed to gather families and friends. I provide both stand alone items such as cakes for any occasion (not that you need an occasion to indulge in a slice or two). A very important part of Creed is to provide a fully catered experience for small events who want to gather loved ones and enjoy one another’s company in the most delicious way. To me, good food should be shared, and it should be shared with the people we love.”

MANZI CAKE + CUISINE by Natasha Ruocco